Research Areas of Faculty

Özgür Barış Akan Signal Processing and Telecommunications, Nano, Molecular and Neural Communications, Bio-inspired Communications, Cyber-physical Systems, 5G and THz Wireless Mobile Networks, Distributed Social Sensing, Cognitive Radio and Sensor Networks, Satellite and Space Communications, Signal Processing and Information Theory

İrşadi Aksun Numerical Methods for Electromagnetics and Optics, Printed Circuits and Antennas, and Photonics

Ertuğrul Başar Index Modulation for Beyond 5G, Waveform Design, MIMO Systems, Large/Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces, Millimeter-Wave Communications, Media-Based Modulation, Cooperative Communications, Coded Modulation, Cognitive Radio, Energy Harvesting, Visible Light Communications, Molecular Communications, Practical Implementations & Hardware Impairments

Sinem Çöleri Communication Aware Dynamic Edge Computing, Vehicular Visible Light Communication,Radio Frequency Energy Harvesting based Communication Protocol Design for Time Critical Wireless Sesor Networks, Energy Efficient Robust Communication Network Design for Wireless Networked Control Systems, Energy Efficient Machine-to-Machine Communications, Intra-Vehicular Wireless Sensor Networks, Cross-Layer Epidemic Protocol Design for Inter-Vehicular Communication Networks, Magnetic Sensor Networks for Traffic Monitoring, RSSI Based Localization of Mobile Phone

Alper Demir Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Analysis of Nonlinear, Stochastic, Statistical and Noise Phenomena that Arise in Physical, Biological and Engineered Systems, A multi-disciplinary endeavor that lies at the intersection of electrical engineering, Computer Science, Applied Mathematics and the Sciences

Zafer Doğan Developing innovative data‐processing tools for the analysis of neuroimaging data, Developing algorithms for sparse spatiotemporal signals, Building tools in MATLAB and C++ for solving inverse problems in image and signal processing, Teaching the theory and practice of image processing in JAVA while developing tools for ImageJ, Supervising student projects on mathematical signal processing

Alper Erdoğan Adaptive Algorithm Design and Analysis, Blind Source Separation: Bounded Component Analysis, Independent Component Analysis, Robust Estimation, Physical Layer Communication System Algorithms: Channel Equalization/Shortening,
PAR Reduction, Clock Synchronization, Tx/Rx Filter Design, Echo Canceller, Convex Optimization and its Applications, Optical Fiber Communications: Polarization Mode Dispersion Compensation and Emulation, Single Molecule Tracking, Computational Electromagnetics

Engin Erzin Speech Signal Processing, Multimedia Signal Processing, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Human-Computer Interaction, Affective Computing

Umran İnan Electromagnetics, Optics, Photonics

Alper Kiraz  Biological and chemical sensing with liquid droplet resonators, Development of novel liquid core optofluidic waveguides for energy photonics, Gas sensing with microdisk microcavities, Development of a cost-effective confocal microscope for biological imaging, Novel optofluidic methods for Red blood cell rheology, Phase transitions in liquids determined using micromechanical resonators

Murat Kuşcu Internet of Bio-Nano Things, Bio/chemical information and communication technologies, Graphene and related two-dimensional nanomaterials, Biosensors, Bio-cyber interfaces, Microfluidic sensors

Emir Salih Mağden Silicon Photonics, Adaptive Photonic Networks, Microwave and RF Photonics, Monolithic Rare-Earth Lasers, Ultra-broadband Optical Circuits, Nanophotonic Data Handling

Sedat Nizamoğlu  Neuron-machine Bioelectronics, Quantum Optoelectronics, Light-emitting diodes, Luminescent Solar Concentrators, BioLasers, Novel Nanomaterials

Mehmet Cengiz Onbaşlı Electronics, Micro and Nanotechologies, Electromagnetics, Optics, Photonics

Beren Semiz Biomedical Signal Processing, Wearable Device Design, Physiological Monitoring Systems, Acoustic Analysis, Digital Biomarkers, Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare, Applied Machine Learning, Data Science

Alphan Sennaroğlu Electromagnetics, Optics, Photonics

Murat Tekalp Multimedia, vision and graphics, Signal Processing and Telecommunications

Hakan Ürey Electromagnetics, Optics, Photonics, Electronics, Micro and Nanotechologies, Biomedical Applications